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Lazy pace, never won a race

Only in that imaginary fairy-tale witnessed by nobody, did the slow tortoise win the race. Don't get carried away by imaginary lessons you would draw from that one story for your learning. Just knowing your destination will certainly not help you reach it in desirable time. Reaching destination has value only if it is done well within a defined time-frame. You need to thus back-up your defined time-frame with appropriate speed thru high-intensity paddling. Corporate Vision statements & Goals therefore need a time-frame within which their aspiration have to be fulfilled. Consolidate energy and chanelise it to achieve the desired destination, in right time. Real winners therefore have one eye on their goals and the other continuously on the likely challenges that they could encounter. Remember, that stupid Hare slept. If you sleep inbetween a time-bound race, irrespective, you deserve to lose. But thats not the lesson this time. Back-up your dreams with time-bound energy packs. That is the real lesson. Lazy pace is good for leisure but never does it win races !!! 

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