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Identifying Potential

Identifying Potential - Key role of Inspirational Leadership One of the critical value-adding purposes of leadership is to identify the hidden potential of his followers..a potential that is not only unseen by others but also unknown to the incumbent. Followers look forward to their leaders not only identifying that unseen potential but thereafter also giving them exposure and opportunities to develop the same. The doodle narrates a story from Ramayana. Lord Brahma had gifted a unique diamond necklace to Hanuman which could not be seen by anybody including his parents. Message to Hanumana was simple. Whenever you come across anybody who spots it, believe he is your eternal Master (see doodle). Rama sees the sparkling diamond in the wooden necklace that others have seen Hanuman wearing. Thus Hanumana accepts Rama as his real and only Master. Each one of us has been blessed by the divine with some or the other unique potential talent. That is what an Inspirational Leader expected to do...identify that talent like diamond and develop it to extricate its full sparkle ! 

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