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Bespoke Your Change

On my web-site 'Querist Corner' (, a query was raised by Ms. Mrinal Jain from Jaipur... "Sir, my seniors taunt often. Most Senior HR Leaders come with a thunder and go with a whimper, they say...all within 2/3 years at best. Don't take them seriously. Most will try to bring in some new Performance Management System !" Dear Ms. Minal, Sad. The clever focus on changing the world. The Inspirational, change themselves. And there is a deeper insight. Most new leaders mistake the ownership ask to 'make the system effective' to mean a blanket mandate to reject all legacy practices in a hurry & replace them with new & technologically smarter alternatives. Change programs fail because the system overtly supports but covertly rejects such changes. External effects in the shortrun are visible. Leaders mistake that to be approval, till the novelty of change wares-off. Unless change is internalized, the institution pushes hard to resume its DNA patterns with a vengence. The Inspirational & the wise first change themselves & join the group. They invest to understand the system, earn respect & gain credibility to inspire their change agendas. Change succeeds when bespoke. It flops under mindless time pressured cookie-cutter moulds. 

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