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Abu - the Trader has to change!

No longer will Abu be able to sustain his business model built tacitly over his customer's ignorance. Glib talk he may but now price ignorance, feature knowledge, imaginary differentiators cannot be his tools. Abu may still succeed for a while but large Corporates should leave such street tactics to street traders. Infotech has given customers unprecedented power. They are thus demanding more. On-line buyers have experienced overwhelming information about the product much beyond what we ever expected. And worst, as you search on-line, the 'cookies' will become hyper active. Remember Alexa listens even when you are not talking. She is friends with the traders in the market. Abra-ca-dabra, the best on-line offer for that product you were contemplating, will be in your in-box What we as consumers save is pittance compared to information corporate buyers have about suppliers, multifolding their possibility of squeezing margins from costs Gary Hamel rightly says...if customer ignorance is a profit centre for you, you are in trouble It is an age of Social Responsibility & in times of digital speed. We are powered by Smart technologies. A sustainable business models for new times to create value on authenticity is what you need to develop 

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