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The Experience Trap

The Experience Trap! 

Explaining the unexplained. Bizzaire as it may sound, research has indicated that while companies preffered experienced Managers fir hiring, rigorous studies indicated the contrary. On an average, Managers with experience did not necessarily produce substantially high caliber outcomes. Be they auditors detecting frauds, Clinical psychologists detecting personality disorders, or stockbrokers predicting stock prices. Predictions by experienced practitioners was not far different in accuracy than that of the rookies!. If one accepts cutting-edge talent as being entirely an innate gift from the divine to the individual , explaing the dilemma would be very easy. However, this shifts the entire locum of control from men to an explained force. This is incorrect. The only logic therefore that explains success in contemporary times in Performance Management is - 'Deliberate Practise' - 5 elements of which are: 1. IDENTIFYING the exact performance dimension that needs specialised practise(see doodle) 2. Maniacal passion to invest in UNENJOYABLE routines 3. Ability to INVEST energy to cope with high demand for qflexibility 4. Condition to cope with exhaustive CONCENTRATION required for that task. 5. A PARTNER to motivate & congratulate thru thick & thin 

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