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The Anger is Within you

A mentee once told me that the moment he entered the office building he was always on the edge. Anger was his predisposition. A small rub ...a small push ... and there the anger would get triggered and come out. It would at times be disproportionately poured out on someone who actually may not have been even the cause of the trigger. Meditate to identify and realise the source of your anger that lies within. Learn to deal with the problem. Don't blame the uneven ground when the water in your cup is filled to the brim. It will but spill as you carry it to your seat !!! If the cup #is filled with happiness, happiness spills. If it is filled with anger ... well, anger spills. You cannot avoid those nudges and bumps in life. What you can do is avoid letting your cup be filled to the brim. Alternatively, learn to drink water at the cooler so that you don't carry it to your table.. Still better, fill your cup with happiness !! 

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