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Mozart .. no Divine Spark

An HR friend texted after reading yesterday's post, 'Talent'-an Innate Gift ? "Adil Sir, if talent is not innate,explain the prodigal sons & daughters ? We all know of prodigies who perform amazing feats way beyond their natural ages?" Brilliant question. Will draw upon Geoff Colvin's book, to reply you, Sahil Ozza. At age 5, Mozart started composing music & gave public performances on Piano by 7. First-blush explanation, 'divine spark' But not many know that Mozart's father Leopold Mozart, was a famous composer & performer himself. Dominating father, regimented intensive training by age 3 for his son ! Leopold had published books on training young children for Music. Naturally, from age 3, child Mozart was under severe training from an accomplished teacher. By the way, Mozart's first masterpiece - 'Piano Concerto #9', was composed at age 21. By that time he had 18 years of rigorous training under a dedicated expert teacher. Says Alex Rossin a music critic.."Ambitious parents playing 'Baby Mozart' video for their toddlers may be disappointed to learn that Mozart became Mozart by working furiously hard !" I believe talent is not innate. It is an outcome of early investments in development, committed coaching, rigorous training & passion to win 

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