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Gossip in the Pipe-line

Leaders who complain about prevalence of gossips in the Organisation are often times guilty themselves of tacitly indulging & encouraging it. They conive happy gossips that favour them and make them a hero but they certainly despise the gossips that make them appear unkind, autocratic & unprofessional. They want negative gossips to blanketed. Communication pipelines are hollow at both ends. They get filled with what one fills it with. But remember, what flows from one end to the other, easily flows with equal force from the other end to this. You cannot hope to conveniently control it.  Setting-up formal foot-prints of a communications' strategy at the corporate level, is critical. In its absence, gossip has but to fill the empty Communications pipe-line. Each time Leadership complains about gossips ... we begin our inquest at the top. Certainly, the leadership has its favourites...there is always a chink in the armory ! 

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