• Adil Malia

No King Forever

Sir, M.S.Dhoni ... wonder how he feels? Not long ago he was the darling. Everyone bowed before the King. He is now being literally nudged out from the team. Whilst the whole world wants Mahi to move on, sadly it appears he doesn't want to. Which brings me to my question. Do you think he has mentally not realised it? Shouldn't the King who served well be shown grace & be given time to determine his exit? Ramanlal Shah Supply Chain Powerful as a King maybe Ramanlal ji, a wise leader has to acknowledge vulnerability of people, power & positions in a transient world. Mentally he thus needs to prepare to gracefully bow out than to believe otherwise & have time teach him that harsh reality. Passion at its peak blinds & makes one be in self-denial of the fact that his time may have ended. Seen it many times happening with leaders in multiple domains. In fact, was once hired to Coach a high-profiled CEO to transit into a non-executive Mentoring role. Whilst wisdom of the leader helps, the system itself should prepare & engage the leader ahead of time in his succession process. Milestones of transition have to be mutually worked out. A legend should fade out gracefully leaving his narrative as a folklore for the future leaders to draw from. The curtain has to drop gracefully 

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