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Positive work influencing emotions

You will be valued in the Enterprise only   if you maximize your +WIEs and FLOURISH.  In the value creating journey of the enterprise,  people who reflect +WIEs  like resilience, high self-esteem, vitality, self- determination & great relationships, contribute higher & are thus valued more. Higher your +WIEs, greater your 'Flourish' (a concept that I borrow from Selieghman) Your +WIEs are actually extentions of the happy emotions when you are engaged & Connected at your work place.  As a general principle, human beings approach +ve emotions that give pleasure & flight -ve emotions that give pain. Higher +ve vectors of emotions, higher your +WIEs ! Emotions that arise when one is deeply engrossed & engaged in a 'Deep Flow'  whilst executing his assignments contribute to +WIEs.  To maximize potential of +WIEs, ' Deep Engagement' has to combine with 'Genuine Connections'...that is when an individual's work connects with the larger strategy & purpose of the Enterprise. If one were to Mathematise the equation, it would be ... Engagement + Connections ➡️ Authentic Happiness. Authentic Happiness + (+ WIEs) ➡️ FLOURISH.Organisations where people operate in full Flourish, maximum their Value ! 

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