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'People Lead' First Principles

Let me explain ' First Principles'. On any given issue, there can be diverse perspectives. However, for everything, there are certain immutable Foundational truths. These distilled truths are the 'FIRST PRINCIPLES'.

One can argue opinions but one cannot argue principles. These are like laws in Sciences...Boyle's Law, Archimedes Principles, Newton's Law etc.

'Other Principles' are those that are based on experiences which are true in a given situation but not necessary, universally.

People Management has similar People Lead 'First Principles'. I share 7 FPs that guide me:

1. Self protection & self pleasure lead to Happiness.It drives people behaviours & decisions.

2. 'People Learn - seek Recognition - & then desire to Lead

3. Punishments lead to protective responses. Extrinsic Motivation drives desirable behaviours. But only inspired behaviour leads to +ve Happiness.

4. Each person is a unique. Only bespoke solutions inspire Happiness.

5. Pleasure is temporal. Needs continuous reinforcement. Happiness is a sustained long-term intrinsic state of mind 6. Passionate connection of 'People to Purpose' drives inspired action

7. People more important than processes

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