• Adil Malia

Values in Action

Says Buddha in the Dhamapada... " the thought manifests as the word...the word manifests as the deed and the deed develops into habit. Habits when they harden, become character". True for men as much for enterprise !!! Markets offer many opportunities to create commercial success. Some routes to success may not be all overboard if one was to filter it through the 'Values' screen. Enterprises that stick to their positive values in action, reflect their character.   Character is tested in moments of crisis most. It is easy to reflect values, when the going is good. It is actually in moments of severe crisis that Countries, Companies and Men show their real character. That is the stress test. Rightly says Warren Buffet.."only when the tide goes out will you discover - who is swimming naked. O what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive." Focus on creating Value. That is important. But not without Values ! 

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