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Purpose more important than Process

Purpose more important than Process ... can't let tail wag the dog !!! Authenticity is a driving value in the Organisation Transformation. Whilst processes are critical, they are not self-propelled to deliver Value. The spiritual purpose that underlay these process, drives its credibility. Ritualistic attachment to processes which fail their Spiritual purpose, only wastes time, utilises resources & deliver no results. Companies at times, adopt mindless transformational targets .. as mindless as conducting say 6 Town-hall meetings as part of the leader's annual Score-Card. This is done under the erroneous belief that townhall meetings are an indicator of a Transparent Organisation! Ritualistic meetings are thus conducted periodically on some themes followed by a Q&A session where predetermined Questions are asked by the selected favourites and pre-scripted answers given. No one asking - no one listening - every one pretentiously nodding heads followed by thunderous applause (and good food). It does not seem to dawn on such Leadership that transperency & transformation are outcomes of authentic belief in listening & learning from dissenting employee voices and not conducting mindless 'Townhall' meetings. When the tail wags the dog, the dog is bound to fall... 

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