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One from the Querist Corner

Dear Prasoon, (see doodle for your query) Our perpetual search for magical tools makes us look at Business Score Cards from that perspective. Whilst strategy & planning are critical to war, actual battlefield warcraft is as critical to success. BSCs are similar. Business Score Cards should not be seen in isolation but be considered as a part of a structured 'Change Management Journey' . Most organizations make a blunder of considering it as a part of the Business Planning Process. Thus they fail. Let me explain the rigour of the 6 steps : 👉 Explaining the 'burning platform' to build an urgent need for Change. 👉 Broadcasting & Marketing the BSC to all business to get a total buy-in to build a community around it. 👉 Integrating BSCs with corporate governance processes like strategy, development, planning, budgeting etc 👉 Communicating the BSC strategy to influential people & target audiences thru Impactful and engaging communication messages & effective identification of channels 👉 Linking BSC to Compensation & Rewards system 👉 Maintain focus & visibility thru ongoing reviews on BSC to ensure consistent Executive visibility. ' Prasoon, the laborious work on strategy & planning done by you, is 70% of the job. There is more to it & I wish you a successful journey ahead. Read more in Querist Corner

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