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Inertia, Myopia & Complacency

... the destructive trio 

Leadership without fire in its belly is unable to see for itself and thus not able to show the burning platform to the rest of its team. This leads to complacency in the face of impeding urgency. Weak leadership gets startled and continues either to be paralyzed or ends up increasing the pace of the same old actions it used to take, despite not getting positive results out of it. Inertia stops it from pressing on the gasoline ... Myopia makes it believe that it is a very short term issue and Complacency thus takes over and makes the leadership believe that the solution will find it's own way and application to the problem. This is the destructive trio of Leadership and nemesis of the corporations they lead. Complacency is generally an outcome of human tendency to deny that which we do not want to hear. When evidence of a big problem appears on the horizon, if it can get away with ignoring the information and hoping that the problem will sort itself out, leadership tends to indulge in it. And thus by it's own actions, leads to its self-destruction. 

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