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Fighting inside fails you outside

We have all had experiences working in Organisations where either one had a boss who hated you & made you live thru those moments of anxiety & insecurity or were part of a Department that had forever to be on a guard fearing that the other department was all out on a mission to identify one mistake made to trap you so as to blame, shame & blemish your department. When people have to manage dangers from inside the organisation, the organization becomes vulnerable & less able to face the dangers from outside. Continuous insecurity drains away energy which ideally should be channelised to handle market dangers & challenges When people sense danger (within or beyond) their defenses go up. If one feels safe among their own people & tribe, they relax & work together to achieve things that none of them could ever achieve alone by themselves. Wise leadership constantly identifies energy drainers in the nature of unhealthy internal rivalries that shatter the 'oneness' culture of the enterprise. The cardinal rule is simple. Organizations suffer when they internally drain energy to protect themselves from each other. But when trust & cooperation thrive internally, people pull together and grow stronger, healthier and happy. 

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