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Cognitive Bias - Functional Fixedness

Your boss sees you only in a limited functional role ? He does not engage you in other business roles because you are from a different function ?   Well, you are a victim of your Boss' cognitive bias, your COs Functional Fixedness in Org design & your own behaviours that did not bust their functional fixedness, earlier. By virtue of strong linkages between roles & activities, strong functional linkages get established. Sustained continuance thickens the 'Functional Role Fixedness'.  A story to share. Our old ancestral-house had certain inconvenient circuitous walls. Human traffic was routed around these unusual turns. Wondered why it continued thru generations. One day we examined it closely. They were not structural. We got a contractor to break these walls & rebuild only one wall (7 days). A week down, we had a delightfully convenient house that had remained inconvenient for over 80 years. Cognitive Bias & Functional fixedness are rooted deeply & continued strangely. We need to bust these biases. It was not as difficult as envisaged. Organisations are like that ancestral house. One needs to break the fixed classical designs by taking lead & breaking them down. Don't label it as 'Culture' & let the demon keep eating your strategy. 

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