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"Leisure" - Mission Critical

'Leisure' ... Mission Critical Nothing is more critical than Leisure. Positive Psychology values it not only from a fun dimension but also as being therapeutic. Critical to stay invigorated, considering we live in a world full of uncertainties, adversities & anxiety. Leisure encompasses a wide range of activities .. active (playing cricket), passive (watching a match on TV) & indulgent imaginative (imagining you are the match winner) 'Active-Exciting', 'Passive-Entertaining' or 'Tranquil-Relaxing', we indulge in Leisure activities off-time to extract certain values from it : 👉Discovery : expansion to new domains 👉Sensation : enjoying a spectacle 👉Fantasy : fun thru make believe 👉Narrative : tracking a dramatic story 👉Challenge : thrill of achievement 👉Fellowship : inclusive comredarie 👉Expression : sharing self discovery 👉Abnegation : Switch-off when down Unless refreshed,energy will miss it's full stem when the work-war is on. So the next time yr Boss asks "having fun ?" .... don't look down feeling guilty. Say instead "yes, having fun. Preparing my mind to concentrate for our team's next challenge on hand !" . But let the results talk thereafter. The Nero story could have been a different narrative if the Roman's had not been wasters & focussed on the war ! 

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