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Reign in your Emotions

Life brings us face to face with several situations which ignite our passion and trigger different emotions. Understanding our emotions are key to our effectiveness in life & at workplace. Whilst we tend to avoid discomforting feelings, it is not necessarily the best response. However successful one may be, there will always be situations that will frustrate us. Upset as one may get, learn to cope with yr emotional upheaval. Learn to create situations for positive feelings as much as you cope with sad feelings. We need to identify lots in our life to park both such emotions, for both belong to us. When you face an emotional situation, first learn to identify how you feel about it & decode yr connected emotions - sad, anxious, angry, happy etc. Thereafter question yourself as you proceed to evaluate the range of options available to you . Check out the doodle (..your ex-girlfriend has sent you an invite to attend a show, where she is a lead singer. Quite an emotional situation !). From the range of action alternatives, select that best emotional option which makes you happy & causes you least pain. Take charge. Your emotions are your own. Reign them in. Take responsibility and control them. That's the way the winners do it. And you are a Winner! 

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