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Leadership Primer for First-time Managers

A Deck of Playing Cards Leadership Primer for First-time Managers !!! Was called to address the 80 young 'Hi-Po' first time leaders of an MNC. My message was simple. Learn lessons in Leadership from a 'Deck of Playing Cards' !!! (Read the doodle.) 'Diamonds' are the Purpose ... 'Spades' the tools & Capacity, 'Flowers' for motivation that drives energy and 'Hearts' for the emotional equanimity behind inter-personal relationships. Begin you may at the lowest rung in each set but with time build your expertise in these four areas and when you reach the top of these 4 domains , you will get your 4 Aces . That's when you will become an Inspirational Leader ready to occupy top positions. There is nothing more to Leadership than achieving the purpose of your enterprise by motivating your team to use its resources and ultimately doing so, be emotionally happy. 

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