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The Reward Trap

Be mindful Reward Planners - The Reward Trap I was standing at a Coffee pub behind this smart lady. Being Sunday evening, there was rush. She patiently waited for quite a while & gracefully ordered one L & one XL cups of hazelnut coffee when her turn came. She moved on from there to the delivery counter. As soon as the two paper cups arrived, she in dismay looked at them & then disgustingly at the man on the counter. She asked - "which is the extra large one, can you please mark it ?". Surely, she was making a point considering the price differential between the two sizes being steep. Having said that, she left the pub with the two cups at the counter to make her point known. Your high performing employees get similarly disgusted when they disproportionately slog thru work challenges to record super-performances but get pittance as differential reward. They feel deceived, disgusted, disengaged & thus disconnected. They silently quit to never come back again. Differential rewards for super performances is very critical for their recognition & motivation. Churchill rightly said - the problem of capitalism is that it leads to inequal distribution of wealth. But problem with Socialism is that it leads to equal distribution of poverty ! Surely this has Corporate implications 

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