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Power greed

Let me narrate this simple story One day a fisherman who stayed with his wife in a shabby house, nets a Goldenfish.But before he offers this fish to cook, the fish tells him - "Don't kill me. I was enchanted. I can make any of your dreams come true". The fisherman tells this to his wife. The wife asks him to seek a big house . The Goldfish fulfills. Slowly she becomes greedy. She seeks a Castle then wants to become a Queen and the Goldfish kept complying. Finally, the wife got so greedy by lust for power that she wanted to have Power equal to God !!!! The fisherman willy-nilly asks the Gold Fish to fulfill this demand too. Surprisingly, the Gold-fish tells him, as usual, to go home. Upon returning, the fisherman was expecting to see his wife as God incarnate. Instead, the husband found the Golden Palace replaced by their old shabby house. His wife was in tattered clothes, crying to a broken tub. God says the Goldenfish, does not need big palaces or symbolic trappings to show power. He uses power thru Influence & Inspiration & lives in a humble abode. I have therefore fulfilled your desire & matched your powers to those of God !! When not maturely coached, some very good professionals get out of control & go the greedy way. Tumble then is inevitable for them 

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