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Tribalism - Primal Man, Corporate Context

Tribalism - Primal Man, Corporate Context. Tribalism is reawakening of the primal man in the Corporate context. Tribalism resurges when any sub-group of people within an organisation starts to believe that it is very unique and special. Therefore its ideas and attitudes being distinctly superior, they feel it requires differentiated treatment and higher rewards. Beyond a reasonable point, hyper expression of this centric behaviour, assumes a destructive form ... companies become dysfunctional, departments get broken-up, teams get defeated and the evil of corporate politics takes over.  The competitive man forcibly takes charge of collective cognitive logic and makes the man believe that his needs, desires and appreciation being in conflict with the others , he needs to always be in a state of competition for higher share of scarce resources. The 'Calculative-Competitive' man takes over from the 'Co-operative-Collaborative' man and a war like scenario thus emerges in the organisation.  Organisational 'Myopia' is traced at the heart of all such tribal behaviours...that which makes people within compete negatively with each other rather than collectively coming together to fight with Competition in a journey to claim a higher share of market value.  

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