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  • Adil Malia

Run to Win but until you are Happy

When you run, you 'Run to Win'. But when on the winning post, you got to plan your next victory. If you don't , your success could be the cause of your failure. Remember, after winning, you have to keep running ... keep winning ! Sounds rather beastly, like an ever-rising - never ending race ? Unless we make it to the top again consistently, success will elude us and the satisfaction of previous wins, turns to subsequent disappointment. We have been trained to feel this way – it is how this world works, unfortunately. Therefore how far to go with the winning journey and when to move away is an individual's choice ... your happiness is an important guide to your decision . But whenever you decide to go, do not become a victim of Dhoni syndrome. Go when you are on a winning streak, a high that people should be left wondering - why you decided to quit ??? ... not when in coffee corners they privately keep pondering as why you have not yet decided to go. 

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