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Self correcting scripts

Career Blues...Self Correcting Scripts On my web-site Mr. Ramesh Rao Tangee from Hyderabad writes... Dear Sir,  I am a 7 years' experienced management professional, working in an MNC. Whilst I currently have a good job, I am disillusioned with my career. Don't really know what I want out of it. A few job offers have come up but I haven't been able to evaluate them or decide on whether I should move or stay as I am totally confused about what I really want. Do not want to jump from the fire-pan into fire. What should I do ??? Please please, help me out. ---------------------------------------------------------- Dear Ramesh, I certainly can understand your plight. This is a very common experience & concern with mid-stream professionals. There are many techniques that can be adopted to help professionals like you,  in your kind of a situation. Let me explain a technic generally used called 'Self Correcting Scripts'. Please see the doodle. By back & forth discussing and correcting scripts written by two friends who know you rather well (one script for a movie called 'Dream Job' and the other called 'Scream Job'), you arrive at ( as you negotiate with your two friends),  the meaningful elements of what you are looking out for in your career. Try it out , it will help you.

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