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Writing Sharp Resumes

Sharp RESUMEs ... I hate to see 'Recruiter' Robots Cry ! Sharp Resumes are ones which use multiple times certain 'key-words' which influence the Recruiter Robots using Artificial Intelligence (to scan CVs), to believe that your CV is one amongst the many best suited for the role. Take my word for it. No human recruiter ever reads the full CV. Trick of the trade is to identify certain key words and then quick scan CVs to match with these words to short-list. The Resumes that have these key words get shortlisted. The others get silently consigned to Applicant Data Base or uncerimoniously, Shredded !!! The Recruiter Robots replicate their human counter parts. Please, integrity is extremely critical. No bluffing. But merely because you do not know how to write a sharp 'Resume' in the digital age, let that not be the cause of your CV being pre-maturely ejected from the Selection process. Want to know some sharp Key-words that would garnish your Resume for digital times ... ??? Try some of my recommended 25: Capability/Technology/learning/ compliance/Strategy/Execution/Board/analytical/budgets/finance/customers/insights/metrics/data-base/ERP/ Coaching/design-thinking/ Machine-learning/digital marketing/artificial intelligence/Innovations/Supply-chain/block-chain 

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