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We often meet 'Stupid' people. They make us angry ... let us to understand, define 'stupid' ? We did it in a 'Decision Making' Leadership Workshop. 'Stupid' is generally a disgusted & angry reference to mindset of a person taking decisions which do not benefit himself nor benefits the other person in the transaction. Example : Friend A & I went to an auction. Both of us were interested in buying an antique clock. Knowing A's interest, I backed off. For inexplainable reasons, 'A' bid a rediculously low price. Both consequently lost the deal. Damn Stupid! If a person develops a tendency to often take such unreasonable decisions, he is called a stupid person ! Referencing curiosity subsequently brought me to read Cippolla book 'Laws of Human Stupidity' On a 4 quadrant chart where one axis measures benefit of a decision to self & the other measures benefit of the decision to others, 'STUPID' is the zone - where 'no benefit occurs to self, nor it benefits others'. 'BANDIT' is where decision of the person gives beniefit to self & loss to the other. 'INTELLIGENT' is the zone of WIN-WIN DECISIONs. Both benefit. 'HELPLESS' is the zone where decision ends up benefitting the other person and causes loss to the initiator of the decision. 

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