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Corporate Tribes

Your mind is a continuous evaluation factory. Sub-consciously, on some self identified parameters or cohorts, it identifies a comparative group. This group then behaves like a community or a tribe for all purposes.

Success, failures, progress ... everything is measured in this comparison. Pressures, stress, pain, frustrations all in a way are anchored to evaluation of success or failure in this self identified mental tribes.

The Corporate frustrations & problems we face could actually be identified to this malaise. Compensation benchmarking, batch-comparisons for growth, departmental promotions, rewards given, benefits offered, gender inclusivity etc.

Think about it. There is a need to consciously shift the structure & frame of references to more objective larger parameters than some such which the people left by themselves tend to identify as their comparative corporate tribes.

Tribal comparisons preoccupy minds and cause frustrations that stunt progress

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