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Grit ...

Have you experienced this ...? Some leaders who at some point of time appeared maniacal in their committment to their purpose suddenly cooling down and losing their total focus from that purpose .... or coming across a new 'fashionable' program, dropping and totally abandoning the program that they were otherwise vehemently & passionately pushing for until then, in favour of another ?

Wondered what element suddenly went missing for these leaders ??? The answer is - Grit.

Grit ... the unseen element that strongly binds one's passion to purpose and does not allow adverse elements to easily preclude , forestall or deter from purpose. The 'person to purpose' bind may be expressive, verbal , superfiscial and short-lived. Grit is the opposite - determined, single-minded & steadfast.

Grit is not about indiscriminate stubborness, bull-headness or inflexibility. A thin line demarcates one's Grit to achieve a purpose from a maniacal pursuit of a purpose. When changed circumstances make it unreasonable or counterproductive to pursue the purpose, it's pursuit needs to be abandoned and rightly so. But when resource scarcities, supply challenges and other such circumstances due to prevailing adversities make it difficult to achieve the purpose, you need 'Grit' to fight back with rigor and not easily preclude , forestall or deter from purpose.

Stronger the Grit, higher the chances of success in adverse times. Adverse times keep testing your Grit...will you get scared? Will you give up? Do you have resilience ? And that will determine success.

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