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All You Need Is Hope

When things are down, the grass is not green, the clouds are dark, the winds are not blowing, your God you think is not listening and your mind continues to play those killer games with you - all you really need is hope and belief in self. Hope is the belief that calms you down and makes you believe that things will work-out somehow, when the tested vitals appear to you to be otherwise indicating that the thunder will lead to a storm and it is going to be all a big collapse. Hope is an antidote that peacefully soothes you when your nerves are rattled upon undesirable adversities emerging on the sky-line. It builds an inner confidence that makes you take the first-stab under the belief that 'all is well' and things will be set right & they will get through. Hope triggers those victorious memories when you fought losing battles and emerged victorious to boost your morale and cause you to act.. 'Hope' holds the hands of 'Faith' and makes you believe in that which is otherwise impossible. Hope is the steroid that makes a winner of a pessimist. When in darkness you grope , all you need is hope ! And I sincerely hope you get it...

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