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And May You Have Fun

Kite flying is an art. There are 3 forces - force from the string attached to the kite, the force of the wind and the force of gravity.

The force of the wind pushes the kite upwards and backwards when it is up in the sky.

The force of the kite's string, will push the kite forwards and downwards.

The force of gravity flirts with the wind to pull the kite straight down to the ground.

As in life so in kite flying... success is about your ability to manage a balance by aligning the forces within your control to manage impact of forces that are not.

There is a fourth force too...that of inner anxiety from people flying other kites in the sky trying to slash the string off your kite. 'Kaipo chhay'. Even if you wish to stay away from these predators, they just won't. Like adverse competitors. You have to master the survival skills to counter them !

Develop your skills to control that what you can so as to neutralise impact of factors that you can't.

And whilst doing so, constantly experience fun whilst managing these challenges !

Kite flying is indeed akin to life survival skill. May you enjoy Makar-Sankranti ... til-gul kha,

godd-godd bol !

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