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Aplomb - The Magic Of Inner Peace

We are all bags of emotions. We act and worst further react with emotions. Often it is a great human virtue to be able to pause in certain situations and suspend our emotions.

Pause And Suspend Emotions

Write or re-write your script or simply review your strategy or plans.... Step 1 - Pause. Stop. Resist yelling, screaming or expressing verbally, physically or in any way, actively or passively expressing. Do not let your mind add guilty, aggressive, passive or anxious tones to your sketch.

Step 2: Take a deep breath and think like a Stoic philosophers.

Step 3 : Take a walk and talk to people who can calm you. Avoid meeting your suppliers of hyper toxins.

Step 3 : Review the entire situation from the eyes of that disconnected mosquito on the wall.

Step 4: Recall the issue and write objectively without emotions. Leave emotions behind on the clothes-horse.

Step 5 : Action the inner plan you have made ... don't start talking about it. And don't let other's reactions effect you.

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