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As Effective as Intutive ??

Have you ever fallen in love at the first-sight ... hated or trusted someone unknown immensely without previously being acquainted...or on a critical day when you were particularly weak you woke up to feel that you were fit and ready to face the challenge you earlier dreaded - WITHOUT ANY specific REASONs ?

That is intution in play . Often people ask .... what is intuition ??? Let me try and explain as I understand....(see the doodle)

Intuition is about bridging the Conscious with the non Conscious parts of our mind. It is about the ability to know something by using the power of inner voice and prompts without using 'PEARLS' ... Philosophies, Evidences, Argumentation, Reasoning, Logic & Definitive Sense.

The human brain has two ‘operating systems’. The first is quick, instinctual and effortless. This is where our intuition lies.

Intuition works by drawing on patterns collected by our experience and when we have to make a quick decision about whether something is real, fake, feels good, feels bad, right or wrong, we draw on these patterns. It all happens ‘offline’, outside our conscious awareness.

The second operating system is slower to respond. It’s more analytical and deliberate and it’s conscious.

Leadership needs efficiency and effectiveness. Thus it benefits by situationally drawing power from both the systems. But the best leaders who focus on people effectiveness draw much more from the first which is quick, instinctual and effortless.

That is what intuition all about.

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