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Authentic Leadership Reflects 'ONE' and Abhors 'APEs'

When Leadership is seen to support and further only self interest , it loses acceptance and credibility.

The 'ONE' sign of authentic leadership is about the 'Objectivity, Neutrality and Equity' reflected by the leader.

Every true leader is expected to exhibit 'ONE' in his/ her operating style, rewards & punishments, promotions & protections, development of second line and absolute objectivity in governance.

When leadership is seen as protecting and promoting only those who are 'Apple-polishers, Punters and convenient Escorts', such leadership over time, loses credibility and ends up looking like an APE.

Whilst that is our expectation from our leaders , have you tried checking your 'ONE' score with your team ? Some scores may shock you as a leader if you ever got a secret preview into the whispers, coffee pot gossips and picnic chatters of your team on your character and leadership style ...

But here's wishing you good-luck to start your 'ONE' score journey to enhance your leadership score ... beginning this morning. Shun APEs. That is a good beginning !

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1 Comment

Parvez Panthaky
Parvez Panthaky
Jun 05, 2023


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