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Behaviour Designing

Behaviour Designing

Whilst 'Design Thinking' is critical to business success, 'Behaviour Designing' is the art that makes People who drive these business behave differently, in the new context.

Each one of us has an Internal Examiner that maintains a constant vigil & self-evaluates our behaviours in light of the change. Old behaviours are self rejected.

Only when this Examiner mandates that such changes happen. If the Examiner does not believe, we will either continue to defend existing behaviours or outrightly reject / ridicule suggestions to change.

The 'Internal Examiner' has a limitation. At best it can Motivate. But that is not good enough.

Fogg suggests that only when we change the alignment and coverage the desirable levers that drive our behavioural MAP (Motivation - Ability - Prompt) can such sustainable changes in behaviours, actually happen.

MOTIVATION is the deep desire to reflect the new behaviour. ABILITY is the capacity to indulge in that behaviour. PROMPT is the critical cue that triggers desirable behaviors. Unless it rains, you do not open your umbrella!

Only when all the levers that drive these 3 factors align at the same moment, will one succeed in reflecting the new desirable behaviours matching the new business Model in the new business landscape.

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