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Bias based on Pleasure Enhancement and Pain Avoidance

The norm that influences behaviours & drives action of normal people is rather clear - 'Enhance Pleasure, Avoid Pain' These drivers of our behaviours get deeply entrenched within us & get buried below our levels of conscious awareness. They later emerge as 'biases' when we choose. Such biases are clustered in 6 domains: 1. Confirmation Bias :Leader selects options that are aligned with his preferences & not by the person/thing's objective ability to contribute to fulfill the purpose 2. Conviction Bias : The leader believes an idea but is not fully convinced. He chooses options which can help him provide evidences to conclude 3. Appearances Bias : The leader chooses options based on what appears as benefits to him & not real-time benefits 4. Group Bias : The Leader prefers affiliation to a certain Group for own logic or reasons. The fear of expulsion from that group makes him choose options 5. Blame Bias : Leader chooses options that shift blame from him to others 6. Superiority Bias : Leader selects option which establishes his strength & others weakness Effective Leaders need to reflect qualities of rationality & ethics thru awareness & efforts. A good Coach helps the leader to mature & realize it.

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