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Mysterious Strange Man

No 'Mysterious Strange Man' lives within us The people that you deal with for years, suddenly sometimes behave so differently. It makes you feel as if you are dealing with a rank stranger. There must be another man living there. This unnerves you. The fact is, there are no two different people staying there. Human beings generally live their lives on the surface & react emotionally. We are unfortunately engineered and designed to form quick opinions without deep diving to understand. The easier narrative of a 'mysterious strange man' living within us who sometimes surfaces with discordant behaviours, is therefore easy and enchanting Our behaviours are also prompted & driven by drivers & triggers from deep within us which operate (like sub marines)below the level of our awareness. Even we do not recognize their presence. To create happiness, we first need to recognise & understand the triggers of our behaviours that lie buried below our conscious self - awareness. One has to introspect & pay non-judgmental attention to these critical influencers. We unfortunately as always settle for the path of least resistance. We do not introspect & thus remain unmindful of such buried triggers . 'Mysterious Stranger' is a convenient narrative we tell others & believe ourselves.

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