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Bleed Less In War

The more hardships that people go through, the more experience they gain. The more experience they gain, the better they become. The better they become , the more they can achieve.

Thus, if you want to become better and achieve greater success in life, you must commit to embark upon your never-ending journey of improvements in these 7 distinct areas without waiting for any specific opportunities or occasions being called out for you to do the same.  These 7 areas are :

- Enhance your plasticity/ flexibility to cope with challenges

- Upgrade your Communications Skills

- Sharpen your Conflict Resolution, tactfulness &  work ethics 

- Augment your Interpersonal skills 

- Boost your networking & relationship skills

- Scale your capability to manage stress & anxiety

- Infuse lateral thinking & creativity in your change plans

Lives of the great and successful are written over scripts of courageous responses to some big opportunities that specifically came by their way but often much more  punctuated by many smaller opportunities which were never ignored.

Develop yourself all the time. Divinity gives everybody their unique opportunity. But you certainly do not want to be caught out on those opportunities marked for you due to lack of preparation on your part.

Rightly the Generals reaffirm their lesson learnt that the army that sweats in peace, bleeds less in war.

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