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Cognitive Distortions

Positive attitude is a winner's call. No brainer that. Whilst positive behaviours, over a period of time, can be cultivated, every human being is vulnerable to several 'COGNITIVE DISTORTIONS'. Each of these Cognitive Distortions (CDs) has the ability & the potential to totally overturn the apple-cart of one's optimism & positivity. Thus it is necessary to dry-clean one's mind of these distortions to ensure that continuity on the path of positivity & optimism remains undisturbed. But before that one needs to identify and know the nature & characteristics of these distortions before you 'Sanitize' & clear your mind. Each one of us loves the label 'Positive Thinker' associated with us but all of us are vulnerable to these Distortions. Knowing what they are becomes thus so critical. There are 8 Cognitive Distortions (see the Doodle).. 1.Personalization : Bravado ! You tend to sssume full responsibility for failure even if the fact is not so.Psychological Self-whipping is the tell tale symptom of this CD. 2.Mental Filteration: it makes you identify the negative factors and further filtering the most critical of these negative factor. You tend to identify this as the cause for everything. All Positive factors are brushed aside. 3. All or Nothing: If you make even the smallest mistake, for you that small thing is the cause of failure. Winning the large war does not matter. You have always to win everything and thus win the battle. 4.Over Generalization: Something that happened once, it always will be the cause for everything subsequently. 5.Labelling: One experience with a person and the label forever is stamped on the forehead in indelible ink, forever. 6.Jumping to Conclusions: This CD makes you behave like a forteller, you think you are the 'mind-reader' and thus jump to immediate conclusions on causes and effects of everything without deeper study. 7.Avoiding Positives: When this CD attacks you, you tend to miss Positives totally and let negatives take over fully. 8.Terribalization..this CD makes you terrabalize effect of bad news which you exagerrate. Good news you trivialize. Don't even mention. No one is a psychological superman. No such man was ever created. Some amount of distortions are natural. That can be handled. what should you do ? Periodically keep analyzing your level of 'Positive Saturization'...(very COVID) ! By and large if your positive level is 80+ you are doing good. Below that you will need to systematically be treated for your 'negativism'. If it keeps going lower you may need help (ICU treatment )from a Coach. If still lower, you may need a behavioural Ventilator to nurse you back to your behavioural health.

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May 24, 2021

I am sure all of us has experienced this sometimes in our tenure. Very

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