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Consistency And Compounding

A father gave his 2 sons a book of stories & an option : either the sons opt for a million dollar line of credit from his bank a/c or they get the option of a 'doubling dollar' (ie. on day 1 - 1 $, day 2 - 2 $,day 3 - 4$ & so on, doubling the previous days $s the next day, consistently for 1 month. The elder son was a Mgt Grad. He needed no 'wise' book & opted for the Million $s. He hired a set of financial analysts, invested in businesses & knew he was soon going to be rich. The younger read the wise book & learnt virtues of 'Consistency' & 'Compounding'. He opted for slow but consistent 'doubling dollar' option The elder brothers initially did well..doubled then suffered losses,paid salaries, rentals etc. Net net in one month, it became 1/4th of the 1 Million he got. The son who learnt of compounding & consistency, got on day 5 - 16$, day 6 - 32$, day 7- 64 $. And so on it went multiplying slowly but consistently for one month. On day 28, his kitty had far exceeded the Million mark unlike his smarter brother. Lesson is simple. If you grow @ consist rate & allow that to get Componded, you cannot imagine your rate of success And this is true if you consistently study or are handling difficult challenges & projects. Bit by bit every day. Opt for slow compounding results

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