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Cult of the Culture - an ETHR Interview

As we work with our clients in this space dealing with 'Organizational Transformation', we have evolved a bespoke operating definition of culture. Let me call it for you ...

'Culture' is the collective compilation of the Belief System¹, the Values nurtured², the preferred Style³ and the Character⁴ ... predominantly reflected⁵ in the organization as it manages its life-giving processes⁶ on the breathing tracks⁷ of its value-creation journey.

If you understand these 7 parts of the bespoke definition, you will be able to not only understand the crisis and challenges  that the organization faces but also learn the way in which leaders can influence its Culture for its collective benefits.

Pooja Bothra the erudite Content Director at ETHR interviewed me. Sharing the interesting video-clip of the same with you.

Hope you enjoy the learning process ...

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