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Deception Despite Knowledge

Firdowsi Tussi narrates in 'The Shahnameh' ... " Listen: this story's one you ought to know, You'll reap the consequence of what you sow. This fleeting world is not the world where we Are destined to abide eternally: And for the sake of an unworthy throne You let the devil claim you for his own. I've few days left here, I've no heart for war, I cannot strive and struggle any more, But hear an old man's words: the heart that's freed From gnawing passion and ambitious greed Looks on kings' treasures and the dust as one; The man who sells his brother, as you've done, For this same worthless dust, will never be Regarded as a child of purity. The world has seen so many men like you, And laid them low: there's nothing you can do But turn to God; take thought then for the way You travel, since it leads to Judgment Day " Our mindless ambitions and desires blind our rational thinking in a fleeting world and makes us indulge in Acts of power grabbing & selling our brother for worthless dust. None has ever succeeded in fulfilling his dreams by doing so . Ambition propelled by Deception ever fails.

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