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Disagreement Into Collaborative Victory

It is but human to get upset and also at times get ''stressed, when your ideas are rejected or disagreed to by someone.

Aggressive - I care '2Fs' attitude may appear consoling but will make you and the other - both fail in the long run. You have to jointly depress the levers of collaborative success and this is possible only if you understand the right preassure points of disagreement.

It is important for you to deep dive into the analysis and know the reason why someone is disagreeing with you. You need to invest this energy for therein lies the path and the plan to convert the disagreement into agreement and thus win collaboratively.

10 reasons why People Disagree with you ...

1. They believe there is no other way and they know the right way.

2.Personally they don't like you - your way thus has to be the wrong way

3. Their personal decision style rejects the idea of collaboration with another idea

4. They are biased by the stereotype which you unfortunately belong to

5. Gamesmanship. They reject your idea because you rejected their idea the last time !

6. They singularly want to corner the glory of success.

7. Your affiliation is to a group or party or person opposing the one of the person disagreeing.

8.The disagreement is neither with you or your views but to only establish the Power structure & Control over the group.

9. He may be opposing because that is just his general style to begin with disagreement. You may Befriend him and get breakthrough

10. They may be genuinely in disagreement with your views. You should look within. Actually, you may be wrongly disagreeing with them.

By the way, it could be that the others may be believing that you disagree with them for the same 10 reasons above. That is a caution.

Try out for here you have a prescription to convert disagreements into agreements and WIN !

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May 14, 2023

If the brain knows that it's a seeker.. All reactions will be on a learning and a beneficial approach


Vittalarao K
Vittalarao K
May 14, 2023

Very good and highly practical.

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