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Don't let the Phantom of This Opera Scare you

Don't let the Phantom of This Opera Scare you

This was said 90 years ago, by the French historian Paul Valery...

"All the nations we thought solid, all the values of civilised life, all that made for stability in international relations, all that made for regularity in the a word, all that tended happily to limit the uncertainty of the morrow, all that gave nations and individuals some confidence in the morrow...all this seems badly compromised.

Never has humanity combined so much power with so much disorder, so much anxiety with so many playthings, so much knowledge with so much uncertainty.."

The Phantom of Adversity attacks humanity under different guises, different times with different names. Wars, famines, tsunamis, Economic Depressions. Sometimes Plague, sometimes Carona !

The zeal of mankind suffers a short set- back but then finds its breakthrough for life to progress ahead. We have to believe in People. We have to trust our Values and passionately pursue our Purpose in moments of Ambiguity & Anxiety.

Keep minds open for innovation & your eyes open for new leadership that will emerge out of this collective anxiety. You will thus be delivered !

Don't lose your Confidence. If you fight well, Mankind always wins. The Phantom always loses !

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