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Doubt your Doubts

Your unverified doubts block you from taking the right decisions. You believe them in absence of knowledge or verifiable facts.

Your doubts are NOT the truth. They are just beliefs you've probably being buying into for so long that they've grown so normalized you cannot recognize them for the mistruth that they are.

These are the 5 suggestions for you :

1. Question your doubts. They are not truths merely because you have not experienced it otherwise and that they make you uncomfortable and you are not used to it.

2. Collect data to establish your doubts but do not block data that establishes it otherwise.

3. Discuss with people why the believe the situations that you doubt

4. Do not let emotions or ego block you from accepting things which you otherwise doubted.

5.Find yourself thus becoming a winner ... stop being a doubter. Remember, doubts are not necessarily bad. But living with them in harmony without revalidation, is the script of a loser.

Doubters never win.

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