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Dreams (I)

I found my old notes in the attic as part of 'Covid Attic Clearance Program' !

At some point, I had invested serious time under Dr. Francis Menezes interning to understand dreams. Being intrigued, I was exploring use of dreams (limitedly) as a positive tool for Problem Solving.

Nothing is more intriguing than the study of dreams.Unique to each person, dreams are a universal link to the far reaches of the human psyche.

Study on Dreams began rather early. The Greek, Egyptian, Roman & Victorian eras were but repressive. Open sex talk being taboo, dreams were interpretted only within a very repressed framework🤐. Then came Freud.

Freud believed that 'dreams' once understood, could heal. He boldly proclaimed that dreams were wish fulfillment for repressed sexual desires 🥺!

Carl Jung his staunchest disciple agreed too. But he believed that sexuality was just one of such several themes. Unlike Freud, Jung believed that dreams did not disguise the unconscious, rather revealed it. I loved Gestalt. I studied Jung.

A few Dream basics:

1.Everyone dreams. Animals,

birds, reptiles too.

2.Not everyone recalls

3.10 mts after waking 90% of

dream is forgotten

4.Dreams converse in

archetype symbols

5.The longest dreams are

about :45 mts

(more coming..)

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