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Dynamics of Rewards

Our pain, anger and frustrations generally errupt from the fact that we feel unfairly treated for rewards compared to the others who we believe got rewarded disproportionately better despite their performances not matching up to justify the differential. This is the universal unspoken corporate plight which leads to disengagement. 

We fail to recognize that not everything one works for will deliver its desired rewards immediately. Some rewards are hidden & disguised ... some delayed and yet some others get delivered, posthumously. 

The doctrine of Karma & its delinking from Rewards as explained in Bhagvad Gita fits in to explain this dilemma. Unfortunately, we all know it but cognitively rationalise to reject it, when unfairness hits our own skins.

Let me share with you the plight of Firdosi Tusi - the bard who wrote the Persian epic -  'Shahnameh' . 

Firdosi was assigned the task to write 'Shahnameh' by the King for a very high reward. 

Firdosi started & had put in several years of arduous work but around that time Khorasan came under rule of another King - Sultan Mahmoud, consolidator of the Ghaznavid dynasty.

Firdosi had disagreements with the new rulers. He had to escape to Mazandaran and complete his work. Totally, it took him 33 years of arduous creative efforts and personal sacrifice to complete writing the Shahnameh ... but through out he rued the fact that he never got rewarded for the sweat, efforts, labour and sacrifice that he put in his life time to write the 'Shahnameh'.

Much later , posthumously Firdosi got rewarded through recognition by the world as one of its greatest bards....but it never happened in his life time.



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