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Early Childhood Behavioural Triggers 

A lot many disruptive behaviours & unexplained reactions that we experience at work-place from grown-ups , actually find their roots anchored to child-hood experiences. Such experiences are mined & have a potential to create life long vulnerabilities if the trauma or wounds are left untreated or mishandled. Genesis of over 70% of disruptive work-place people behaviours can be mapped buried deep into supressed childhood experiences. Later in life , a person, event or an experience associates itself with these hidden episodes & triggers a release of chemicals that largely influence your negative response to the current work-place context. Performance Review discussions in COs often become controversial & when investigated often find its link to the traumatic treatment of their school report-card discussions by teachers with their parents.Such experiences are vulnerable & thus emotional wounds need to be treated & closed effectively. Organisations thus insist on creating that - 'we are one family' like work-place experiences through their Employee Engagement initiatives, under a hope that it would trigger positive & warm reactions. The good news is that positive experiences of past likewise trigger responses influencing positive behaviors.

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