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Emotional Agility

Emotional agility is a very important leadership edge. Leaders are not different...they are human beings too, built by flash, blood and emotions.

Like any other human being , leaders too go through bad and tough experiences. Life does not exempt them its fury. These bad experiences leave behind traces of their emotional wounds and injuries which are not easy to forget. People store such experiences in their emotional banks and they act as blocks to actions in new situation.

Effective leadership demands of people emotional agility by virtue of which they are able to block out their previous  negative emotional experiences from overflowing into the new situation however similar that it may be and give it an emotional reaction that it rightly deserves.

Emotional chatter and it's overflow is natural. Wise leaders know when to listen to their inner voice and when to shut off the internal chatter so that the new situation does not have to be guaged by old emotions.

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