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Emotional Bank Account

Let your Emotional Bank a/c be always healthier than your monetary Bank a/c. Make regular deposits. Draw less. See it grow. Reap happy benefits.

Save strong relationships. They will serve you much better at times, when you need them the most.

The wise know and the fools fritter away. The unseen Returns On Emotional Investments is the best Investment Plan for your Happiness with returns none other can offer.

Think about it later. Experience it right away.

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1 Comment

Sep 28, 2023

Emotions are directly related to brain... The brain should be under self control.. As Our RevSadhguru Saheb Avatar.. States what more a slavery than the brain being affected by surrounding s... Planetary effects are caught up by the mind according to Karmas.. Thismind is outside the physical body.. The mind then gives temptations to the physical brain.. But with prayers and protocols accumulated and/or current.... The grace enables the person to look beyond this minimizing or even diminishing the karmas thus leading to transparency... As our scripture says.. Contentment is continuous feast and Illumination smiles gracious ness in all situation and self assessment only...

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